The “My place in time” photo project.

Edited 29/10/2017

Since May 2013 I have been sharing a mixture of my fine art work, alongside my photo walks and observations. I’m interested in what I call self-immersion and personal reportage style photography and I prefer to turn these shots black and white so you can focus more on detail and emotion than on colours.

I’ve been taking photos of people and places around Perth and interstate, mainly for myself but also for history. I would like to make a book one day; in fact, it’s my dream that in my retirement years and after I’m gone, that I be considered a key player in recording our history. That really would be amazing!

I’ve been concerned that we could lose a whole generation of photographs and mementos due to the digital age and people not printing their images. Therefore, I would like to engage you in a photo project. I don’t care which part of the world you live in, I just want you to take part in recording your local history.

Click HERE to go to the list, and to explore the photographs I’ve already taken. Alternatively, head over to the BLOG.


The photo challenge.

Your goal is to create and print 100 photographs of your place in time. If you share them online then please leave a link for me in the comments so I can check out your photographs. You can take the photos in any order you like. If 100 photos sounds like a drag, just take your favourite 10 or 20 from the prompts.

You should print your photographs and put them in an album, or create a photo book using a service such as Blurb or Snapfish. Where possible, please include captions and dates. You do not have to give your photos to anyone else if you don’t want to. The important thing is that you take them and there is a physical copy of them for the future.

If printing individual photos, please use matte photo paper as that is what I’ve read the museums prefer. If you like, you can write details on the back or in the borders with pencil or an acid free pen.

If you share the photos online, please tag them #myplaceintime and post the link below so we can share and enjoy them.

There is no time limit to this. The important thing is that you start recording and preserving your history.

I hope you have fun doing this project. I can’t wait to see your results! Please stop by my blog at to see how I and others undertake the challenge.

Kell 🙂


6 thoughts on “The “My place in time” photo project.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed looking around your blog. Lovely photos. Not sure how I got here but I’m glad I did! I’m especially interested in this challenge. About 15 years ago my husband took our youngest son on a day trip around our town. They took pictures of all kinds of places. The airport, fast food joint, our church, gas station near our house, the grocery store and so on. They developed the photos and put them in a album and labeled each picture. They even have the receipts from lunch and a movie that saw. I just pulled out the album and looked through the pictures and I’m surprised how many things have changed. I love the idea of this challenge and I think I’m going to take it on for myself. I’ll probably post photos on my blog as well as making an album. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Patti, glad to have inspired you and your family! I started the project just for myself, but with a daughter on the way, I have a new reason to get stuck into documenting the places and time we live in. Our city is forever changing, and I’d like her to understand where it’s come from. Look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Hi, so I’ve started on #myplaceintime. Forgive me for doing it my own way, but my life isn’t just spent around home, so many of the images will be from my travels elsewhere. It seems that I’ve been trying to take photos for nearly all the items on the list (without knowing about it!) for the last few years so I’ve kicked it off by seeding a few from my Flickr albums here on my Tumblr account I’ll probably set up a linked list from WordPress too in order to check off the items on my list as you are doing. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

    1. Hi Mal, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. If you use my list prompts and the name / tags #myplaceintime please link back to my project page and give credit. Thanks heaps, and good luck with your photo documentary.

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