My place in time – On the way to the airport.

Welcome to West Richmond, South Australia. Here you don't just live near the end of the runway, you're part of it.


Streets of Maylands, 2014 & 2016.

Maylands was one of those places that save for the occasional coffee and cake, I rarely spent any time in. It was just somewhere on the way to somewhere else. Last year, Maylands became home, so I started to take a little more notice.

Darren Middleton – Splinters

Darren returned to Perth this August. He is a remarkable songwriter, lending his skills to poignant ballads and storytelling; about himself, interesting newspaper articles, and relationships in general.

Golden fields

It was a lovely, rainy, family day out. Cosy. Lunch was a bbq chook from a country IGA, pulled apart and eaten from the dashboard of the car, whilst watching a couple of wood ducks escort their new arrivals around the park and down to the river. Simple, happy, memory making.

Stolen moments – Snapshots of QVB

The bonus of Sydney being such a bustling city, was there was a lot going on, lots of people moving around, who for the most part were completely oblivious, or simply didn't care for another tourist with a camera.

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