Wandering through the wildflowers in Moora

I found lots of beautiful native flowers, and got to take in the sea of golden canola we encountered on the drive.


Sunset in a flower

Not far from my home is a little reserve full of banksia trees growing in a limestone soil. It probably gets ignored a lot of the time being beside a busy main road,  as it's mainly just scrubby looking trees. At the moment though, there are heaps of pretty banksias in bloom. And you really... Continue Reading →

Summer wildflowers – Western Australia

Western Australia is well known for its spectacular wildflowers during spring, thousands flock from all over the world to see them. However, there are many types of wildflowers that also bloom during summer (and I suspect, periodically throughout the year too, as so many of our plants are evergreens).  I don't think it's much of... Continue Reading →

“Spring Dance” an update on my work.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you all a little update about the exhibition I was recently involved with. I've had my photography exhibited several times over the years, mainly at local agricultural shows where I've won several certificates for first, second and (less often) third in my sections, as well as a trophy... Continue Reading →

Spring paintbox

Last weekend me, Jesse and his partner, Bec, caught up for a little stroll around some local parkland to capture some of the lovely wild orchids and other plants. Anyway, these are some of my favourite photos from the day. I'm pondering entering one of the orchid pictures in the South Perth Emerging Artist awards.

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