A stolen moment – Crossing the street.

This stolen moment was taken on Flinders street,
Melbourne, Australia,
at 11:38am on 19th October 2017.

I’ve deliberated over sharing this stolen moment for quite some time.  When I came to edit it at full size, I noticed something quite striking about the interaction between various people I’d captured, and it took me by surprise. I’ve decided to just share the wide shot rather than zoom in too much.

I’ve not been at all keen on the trend of ‘trial by social media’ and considering I can’t recall even taking the photograph, let alone the context surrounding it, I’m just going to assume everyone involved was having a less than stellar day, and leave it at that.

The photo below is the full street shot – I think I was just trying to get a street scene with Flinders Street Station under scaffolding.

© Kell Jeater 2018


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