Redbeak orchids.

It was quite a cold and wet morning on the 7th September 2016 when I stumbled upon these native Australian orchids. Whilst my family sheltered in the car, I was out in the rain (with a plastic sandwich bag over my camera to protect it), trying to find some spider orchids.

I’d never seen Redbeak orchids before, so was quite delighted to encounter clumps of these. They looked particularly interesting with little raindrops beading off them, so I assigned myself to getting soaked through, with muddy knees, in order to capture them in flower.

I have only recently discovered via this Australian Geographic article from 30 September 2016, that the reason I hadn’t seen these striped beauties before, is that they typically only flower following a fire. The area I found them growing in had been subjected to fire earlier in the year, causing them to flower in the thousands by the end of September. I’m now curious whether the park’s rangers will d some controlled burning in future to encourage more of them.

These are my photographs of the splendid Redbeaks, photographed in Perth on 7 September 2016.  I found the Australian Geographic article quite interesting, so why not pop over and give it a read after you’re done exploring my site?


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