Royal Adelaide Show – Part one.

We decided to go to the Adelaide show purely because it was our first year here in South Australia and we felt we should go at least once. We only had the Perth Royal Show to compare it to (not that I’ve been to that in over ten years), so were expecting a very expensive and reasonably mediocre day battling crowds and eating junk food that neither of us were particularly interested in.

The Royal Adelaide Show quite took us by surprise. It really was a grand agricultural show, which I haven’t really experienced since I was a kid. We started in the exhibitions hall, which presented us with many rows of tall glass cabinets displaying the impressive baking, sewing, handicraft (etc) skills of our fellow South Australians. People were taking their time to actually view the displays, instead of just descending on sideshow alley which was reasonably quiet until school ended for the day.

That was one of the biggest differences for us. For as long as I can remember, the Perth show has always been held during the September school holidays. The Adelaide one is during term, so it was considerably quieter during the middle of the day. There were still kids around, but many were either on school excursions which involved a great deal of learning about the agricultural side of the show, or competing. There were big school teams roaming around the grounds. Some were competing in events, others were  exhibiting produce they’d grown, or showing animals from their school farms. They weren’t just kids from agricultural or private colleges, but normal public high schools and area schools around the state too.

I’ll save some of my memories and feedback re rides and food for another post, as I’m really keen to get on with showing you my photographs of the animals behind the scenes – that is waiting to be judged, washed and fed, or on their way to competition. I think they’re really interesting, and I’ve included a few environmental portraits I’ve candidly snapped. I hope you enjoy them.

We are really looking forward to next year’s show now, I’m even thinking of entering some of my photographs next time.

All photographs taken on Thursday September 7th, 2017 at the Adelaide Showground.

© Kell Jeater 2016

© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


© Kell Jeater 2016


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