My place in time – My local library

This is my place in time.

#78 – My local library.

Whilst not technically my local library (which I hope to photograph really soon), there’s no denying that the Mortlock wing of the South Australian state library is pretty spectacular. Lined with lovely old books, and a quiet, studious atmosphere that can be hard to find in some more modern libraries, it really is a gorgeous place. It seemed perfect for “My place in time.”


© Kell Jeater 2017


© Kell Jeater 2017


© Kell Jeater 2017


My place in time is a photo challenge I set for myself back in 2013. The goal is to take (and print), 100 photographs of everyday scenes, that in decades to come will help illustrate life at this particular point in my timeline. These prompts are not of scenes that people would ordinarily think to photograph, but are parts of an ever changing suburban landscape.

I have taken so many hundreds of photographs since I started, and hope to one day compile them in a book. Many of them feature here on the blog, so please take a look around. You can see the prompt list here; I’ve been completing the prompts in no particular order.



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