My place in time – On the way to the airport.


This is my place in time.

#92 – On my way to the airport.

Adelaide airport is very different to Perth in that instead of being inland, surrounded by an awful lot of nothing (well, it used to be bushland, but urban and industrial sprawl has settled in), it is pretty much right on the water, and very near to the city.

Mitchell grew up with one of his parents working for Ansett, so he did a lot of flying as a kid, all over the country. He loves flying (he saved his pocket money and wages as a young teenager in order to take flying lessons), and he loves planes of all shapes and sizes. Much to my amusement and occasional dismay, he likes to trawl the internet looking for aeroplanes to buy, either to fly or to live in. Both ideas are really cool; if you ignore the fact that I can’t stand flying and currently think the idea of spending up to three days driving interstate with a teething baby would be more relaxing than the hours of nailbiting terror, trying to not convince myself that turbulance will hit whilst I’m in the bathroom mid pee, and I will die in a fiery crash with my pants around my knees.

That’s just one of the million of stomach churning scenarios that run through my head.


We both do enjoy watching planes take off and land though, especially when we can get under the flight path. It’s pretty cool. You can’t get all that close in Perth without either being on the major highway, or hanging around the end of Kalamunda road, just before the planes hit the runway. Both areas are pretty close. Or so, I thought.

Close, but not “landing lights in your front garden” close.

My place in time # 92 - On the way to the airport.
My place in time # 92 – On the way to the airport.

Welcome to West Richmond, South Australia. Here you don’t just live near the end of the runway, you’re part of it.
Double glazing sales must be through the roof.

Thanks to Flight Radar 24, I could see exactly which planes were coming in to land, where they’d come from, and what type of aeroplane they were. So I stood around for a while and enjoyed the thrill (and mild terror) of having huge passenger jets flying overhead, just metres from touching down. Very cool.

Qantas aeroplane landing at Adelaide airport. 23/10/2016.

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Unfortunately, unlike Perth, Adelaide doesn’t get visited by the huge A380s, so we couldn’t enjoy that spectacle. Fortunately for the people living around the airport, they do get a reprieve from the noise, thanks to an overnight curfew.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

© Kell Jeater 2016
© Kell Jeater 2016
© Kell Jeater 2016
© Kell Jeater 2016
© Kell Jeater 2016
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© Kell Jeater 2016
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© Kell Jeater 2016
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© Kell Jeater 2016
© Kell Jeater 2016

My place in time is a photo challenge I set for myself back in 2013. The goal is to take (and print), 100 photographs of everyday scenes, that in decades to come will help illustrate life at this particular point in my timeline. These prompts are not of scenes that people would ordinarily think to photograph, but are parts of an ever changing suburban landscape.

I have taken so many hundreds of photographs since I started, and hope to one day compile them in a book. Many of them feature here on the blog, so please take a look around. You can see the prompt list here; I’ve been completing the prompts in no particular order.


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