My place in time – Every photo I've taken so far.

In May 2013 I started The my place in time project. 100 photo prompts to encourage myself and people around the world to take part in recording their place and time in history. This is the progress so far.

Featured post

Old warehouses

I love the colours and textures in the bricks and windows, the various bridges and ramps, rusted old roller doors, chains, locks, faded signs.

Urban Koala

Prior to visiting SA, the only time I'd ever seen Koalas were the same way most people see them: in the zoo or a national park.

Stolen Moments – Ten minutes in Adelaide.

I really do enjoy our trips to Adelaide. The architecture, leafy suburbs, and beautiful landscape is so refreshing for me, and so strikingly different to everything I know in Perth. Here are some street photographs and stolen moments from our trip in October last year.

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